We offer our customers an integrated service concept supported by high-performance and modern technology. From design through tool production manufacturing and assembly of parts.

Design & Tool manufacture

Design and preparation of customer-specific
solutions in single- and multi-component injection-molding technology, molds for:

  • Single-component standard machines
  • 2 + 3-component injection-molding machine rotary table
  • 2 + 3-component - injection-molding machine index plates
  • 2 + 3-component- injection-molding machine low-cost-molds

Manufacture of injection molds up to a size of
1500x800 mm and a weight of up to 5t.

The following technology is available at our plant:
5-axis milling, HSC-milling machines, CNC-surface grinding,
fully automatic EDM with a process control system
Wire erosion and deep-hole drilling

Injection molding

Our range of performance in this division includes the following:

Up to 3-component injection molding

  • with hard/soft or hard/hard component combinations
  • with  2-color technology
  • with MID-technology
  • with subsequent finishing of parts

Precision injection molding

  • of products weighing between 0.1 – 150g
  • with  machines with clamping forces of 25 – 260t
  • testing of tools through to series production
  • high-quality technical products (fiberglass-reinforced, electrically conductive, heat-resistant V0)
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